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  • Сайт о лайнере "Британик"
    Проект посвященный затонувшему лайнеру Британик. На нем можно ознакомиться с историей корабля, его характеристиками и фотографиями.
  • Titanic International Societ
    Titanic International is a non-profit historical organization based in New Jersey that was founded in 1989 to preserve and perpetuate the memory and history of the Royal Mail Ship Titanic, and those who sailed aboard her maiden and last voyage. Through the pages of our quarterly, fully-illustrated journal, Voyage, as well as through frequent membership activities, Titanic International Society disseminates the latest research in the Titanic and her legacy. With members invited to "get involved", Titanic International Society is known as the history group that listens, and one which encourages robust discussion on the Titanic and her people.
  • Belfast Titanic Society
    The story of Titanic is inextricably linked with the growth of Belfast as a city and an industrial capital. Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast, which built nearly every ship that the White Star Line owned, was the biggest shipyard in the world at the turn of the 20th century. It employed many thousands of workers and enjoyed the reputation of building some of the finest ships afloat. Because the "Yard" has continued with ship repair to this day, the population sees it as a link to the past, and to the most famous ship the world has ever known. By the time of the publication of the society's first magazine (CQD), interest in this, the only society to boast a geographical link with Titanic, meeting as it does within sight of the massive yellow cranes of Harland & Wolff, had reached international proportions. Letters were published from as far afield as New Zealand (The Auckland Titanic Society), America (Titanic Inc), T.H.S, Norway (Den Nordiske Titanic Foreningen), and the Irish Titanic Society.
  • Encyclopedia titanica
    The Titanic was a British registered four funnelled ocean liner built for the transatlantic passenger and mail service between Southampton and New York. Constructed at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Northern Ireland she was, at the time of her maiden voyage, the largest vessel afloat.

Информация о "Титанике"

История постройки, первого и единственного путешествия и последующей гибели «Титаника» давно стали основой для множества легенд и историй, романтических и не слишком. Не удивительно, ведь это гигантское судно компании «Уайт Стар Лайн» было самым крупным и дорогим пассажирским лайнером начала XX века. И тем трагичнее в своей нелепости выглядит его судьба.